Album Review – Khalid – American Teen

With his captivating voice and smooth synths, Khalid had me hooked from the first line of American Teen. At the start of my teenage years I always dreamed of living in America, now ten years later this album gives me the perfect release to live out my dream – albeit just for 54 minutes.

The album is the perfect example of song lyrics applying to your own personal experiences. I felt as though Khalid was speaking for all young people when singing about the trials and tribulations of youth, perfectly capturing the teenage experience. Many people seem to relate to the album which saw Khalid make his way into the top ten over on the US Billboard 200.

“A lot of my songs are about loneliness and losing relationships. Even the ones that are happy, there’s a lonely undertone to them.”

My favourites from the album include title track American Teen, Another Sad Love Song and 8TEEN. It was really hard to narrow it down due to the overwhelming quality of the entire album! This is more than just a recommendation, you NEED to listen to this album! Have a listen to the title track below and let me know what you think.